When It Rains, It Pours – End of Season 1 | Episode 5

9000 miles - San Francisco to Bengaluru

A Journey of 9000 (S)Miles - End of Season 1

When It Rains, It Pours – The Last Episode

9000 miles - San Francisco to Bengaluru
The crown stood out from all other teeth, and resembled Dracula’s tooth! So, after going through that roller coaster weekend, juggling so many balls and catching them all and getting the job done on time, the patient doesn’t like it! 
Now what? ….. Time was ticking. 
My departure was in two days and what I did not know until then was the scheduled departure of Dr. Gurudev to Singapore that night! His initial plan was to complete my crown work and leave later that night. Dr. Gurudev looked anything but relaxed. He murmured something like he was going to change the color and left. 
The next day, I was looking for information and communication. I tried to open the website “smile station” and… I got an error message (Forbidden..). Then I tried to call Dr. Gurudev and received an error message as well! What’s going on down there? Now, all my alarm bells lit up and I ended up in the front seat of the roller coaster! So, did he abandon me? 
Did anything happen to me that a friend of mine at home had suggested to me? He had showed me a caricature of a roadside Indian dental quack , sitting next to a heap of used impressions and dentures with a broad grin pointing to a possible fit for the patient!?
As I was starting to prepare myself for the worst: leaving Bengaluru with a stump in my mouth, later that night, I got a call from Dr. Gurudev from Singapore. He told me that the website had been temporarily down and that corrections had been made to the crown with regard to color and gradation. He was constantly on the phone with his dental assistant to monitor and supervise the whole process. The improved crown was cemented the next day by his doctor, Dr. Swati Gopi which blended well with the neighbouring teeth. 
Dr. Gurudev had applied his Jugaad skills even while he was away! I felt so relieved! I left Bengaluru with a smile and I am able to say: 
“No matter how dire the circumstance – Dr. Gurudev always delivers!”
Stay Tuned To The Next Season!
Until Then Keep Tight! Stay Safe!
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