Invisalign & Invisible Braces

Invisalign Clear Aligners - An invisible, comfortable and effective alternate to braces

When we meet clients for the first time, we find many of them not open to the idea of wearing braces. Whether they have already experienced them as a teenager or their current lifestyle does not allow them to draw attention to their teeth, the result is that even people who recognize a need for orthodontic work don’t want to undergo what they expect to be long, uncomfortable treatment.

Even worse, they were not offered the option of moving their teeth to better positions, fearing a loss of motivation among patients and a loss of clientele.

Invisalign Invisible Braces in Bangalore
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Why move teeth?
At Smile Station, as smile designers and restorers, we recognize the countless benefits of tooth movement. You can position the teeth in a better position for a better bite, better function, better load distribution, better tooth longevity, better gum position, better space distribution, allows enamel preservation while designing restorations, be minimally invasive, and so forth.

When we demonstrate these advantages, our clients are more than willing to move their teeth as part of their smile rehab.

How to move teeth?
With scientific and technological advances, we now have a fantastic option. You don't have to resort to those ugly railway track braces that lower confidence or jeopardize personal and professional lifestyles or even settle for unpredictable results.

Invisalign are transparent plastic trays that are preprogrammed with forces to move the teeth. They are wireless, invisible, removable, and noninvasive. No lifestyle compromises either professionally or personally. You can still enjoy your favorite food or play sports.

Why Invisalign®️?

Just 3 simple words to justify - Comfortable, non-invasive and effective.

Invisalign’s patented SmartTrack®️ material gives you the smile you want quickly with smooth, consistent and controlled forces, improved comfort with a snug and effective fit like no other.

With the Element Flex®️ scanner, we at Smile Station create a 3D image of your teeth and the Invisalign outcome simulator in minutes lets you discover your new smile in a whole new way before you even begin.

With the proprietary ClinCheck®️ software, we map your path from your first aligner to your brand-new smile using algorithms that calculate just the right amount of force for every tooth movement.

Invisalign’s Mandibular Advancement Feature is a marvel in itself. It is a great way to progress the lower jaw in pre-teens and teenagers where the lower jaw is late while straightening their teeth at the same time. It eliminates the need to toggle through cumbersome and uncomfortable clips and have an extended waiting time.

Clearly, now you see that if you seek the best, it should be Invisalign.

How to choose the best Invisalign specialist?

Invisalign is not an over-the-counter product that you could simply buy and expect the same results. While Invisalign has made the tooth movement process more affordable, comfortable and controlled, providers still need a lot of skill and knowledge to master the ClinCheck process and planning. When it comes to straightening teeth, experience counts the most.

Invisalign is a tool similar to paintwork. If you are going to hire someone to paint the interiors of your home, you will probably find several paint contractors that all use the same paint, but each of them will create very different results and will have different prices. You already know that all are different. They all put paint on the walls, but the results and your experience during and after will be totally different depending on whom you hire for work.

In the case of Invisalign, we're talking about something much larger and more complex than the paint on the walls, but the same rules apply. With experience come efficiency, excellent success stories to refer to and difference in the quality of the final outcome. You want someone with experience to make sure that your teeth are looking and feel as great as possible for the rest of your life.

Invisalign enabled consumers to find an experienced orthodontist on their official website through the “Tier Level” search of the “Doctor Locator” tool. The “Tier Level” is an indicator that indicates the number of Invisalign patients the doctor receives annually. The top doctors will be the most experienced, who constantly treat a large number of Invisalign patients every year and have a very high satisfaction rate.

Generally, it is best to choose an Invisalign provider who is in one of the following levels: Diamond or Platinum.

Dr. Prahlad Shenava, the Invisalign specialist at Smile Station is one of the most sought-after Invisalign consultants in the country. He is currently a Diamond Invisalign Provider and achieved a personal milestone in 2018 by becoming the youngest and fastest Diamond Invisalign provider in India. Being a top Invisalign provider and having designed hundreds of smiles, you are assured of predictable permanent results.

Dr. Gurudev S integrates smile design workflow into Invisalign®️ that improves the overall outcome. This means that we no longer need to align the teeth alone, but we have the face as a frame, as a guide. It makes it possible to accelerate the process of smile rejuvenation, to design restorations and the gum lines well in advance according to the final position of the tooth and to design your smile in harmony with your face and your personality.

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