Invisible Braces & Invisalign

Invisible braces or clear aligners are a series of transparent, customized trays used to gently and effectively straighten your teeth without the use of conventional braces or the ugly wires.

Invisalign clear aligners can treat a range of teeth straightening issues, the results are new; more even smile that you will want everyone to see. Some of the teeth straightening issues that can be treated with clear aligners are gapped teeth, crossbites, deep bites & underbites.

Invisalign Invisible Braces in Bangalore
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You can get your best smile ever using with clear aligner technology in a amazingly short time span.

The steps are as follows:

  • Step 1: Find out if Invisalign/ clear aligners are suitable for you from your initial consultation with Dr. Gurudev and our Invisalign specialist, here at Smile Station in Indiranagar, Bangalore
  • Step 2: We then create a customized 3D treatment plan based on your records.
  • Step 3: Once you review your #D plan and approve, the production of your aligners will begin.
  • Step 4: Once the aligners arrive at our clinic, we will schedule your appointment to deliver your custom-made aligners will be given to you.
  • Step 5: You need to wear it every day for 20 hours and move on to the next subsequent tray every 2 weeks.
  • Step 6: You will have to visit us every 6-8 weeks to monitor your progress. If you are out of town you should share progress photographs on WhatsApp as most of our patients from the United States, Europe & China do.
  • Step 7: Congratulations! Your customized new smile is under progress and you will have it ready soon.
  • Step 8: Once your treatment with aligners is complete, you will need to get the fixed retainers installed to maintain this brand new smile for a lifetime

What are the Benefits of Clear aligners ?

Clear aligners comes with great advantages over conventional braces.

  • Clear aligners are removable, making it easier to brush and floss your teeth during treatment and have the freedom to eat and drink whatever you like.
  • Clear aligners are nearly Invisible and very discreet making it a perfect choice for you. Your social life, professional life, and personal life is totally unaffected and can continue just as usual without any changes. You could attend functions and events with confidence while wearing Invisalign clear aligner. VirtuallyInvisible, nobody would notice you’re having your teeth straightened.
  • Get straighter teeth more comfortably and predictably, thanks to the innovative clear aligner technology.
  • With clinic visits only every 6-8 weeks, Invisalign/ clear aligners are ideal even for a hectic lifestyle.

Invisalign Braces for Teens & Children.

If you are a teen and if you are insecure about your smile when you post photos on social media, there is nothing to be ashamed of. You are not alone. Did you know that seven out of ten teens admit to not being very happy with their teeth, and 80% of teens who have worn metal braces felt they didn’t fit in with their peers? Mothers reported that their teen became happier after starting Invisalign aligners rather than starting conventional metal braces.

Please feel free to schedule a NO OBLIGATION consultation with Dr Gurudev to find out if aligners are best for you.