Smile Test Drive

Smile Test Drive

Smile Test Drive

You know, your smile, prior to starting your journey.

As smile designers or smile restorers, we spend time and money developing our clinical competencies to provide the best treatment for our clients, throughout our professional life. But when a client has to decide on a treatment plan, they don't see any of our advanced skills or our training. In fact, it's always a leap of faith for them, even if we have a wall full of accreditations and certifications.

Providing good clinical treatment is not enough.

Standing in the shoes of our clients, we recognize that it is not enough to provide excellent clinical treatments because, unfortunately, it can be difficult for clients to evaluate our clinical skills. It's just as important, to show what we might do for them in a way that they see value in our work and fall in love with it.

It's all about emotions

The emotional experience in the initial consultations ultimately makes the difference in accepting the treatment plan or walking away. This is where “Smile test drive” comes in. Like you’d never buy a car without a test drive, how about doing the same with your new smile? Our exclusive protocol lets you experience the life-changing impact of the new smile even before undergoing any elective procedures. As you see and feel your new smile, you start to feel the emotional impact of that remarkable decision.

Previously, the dentist simply went to work after the treatment plan without knowing whether this would result in a pleasant as well as functional smile. In fact, patients were not even heard.


The four stages of making a life-changing decision:

Step 1: We examine
Our cutting-edge scanning, measuring and capturing technologies allow us to map a 3D model of your mouth and face with unprecedented accuracy, inside out.

Step 2: We design
We then match your measurements with your expectations of the new smile. These two aspects together form the foundation for our team of smile designers to create the treatment plan.

Step 3: We print
Before any dental work is done in your mouth, we use high-precision printing technology to prototype your new smile, a prototype that you can see, use and feel!

Step 4: You experience
When the prototype is ready, we take pictures and videos of you with the new smile. We reveal you, with your new smile, let the magic spread, and let the emotions get the better of you!

Simply put, the “Smile test drive”, lets you see your upcoming new smile for the first time with a compelling visual, create a strong emotional connection with the project, make sure you have a clear understanding of the treatment and why it is necessary, no more polite nods without actual comprehension and this clearly sets us apart.

The difference is clear for everybody to see and when you are the co-designer of your own smile, you cannot just stop smiling.

Compiled by: Dr. Gurudev Subramanya, 
Founder and Smile Designer,
Smile Station, Bengaluru, India.
Concept & Credits: Christian Coachman & Digital Smile Design (DSD)