Smile Station – Your Friendly Neighborhood Dentist In North Bengaluru

Smile Station - Your Friendly Neighborhood Dentist In North Bengaluru

Remember how easy it was when we were little? The trip to the bakery just around the corner, hands clutching sweetmeats and all things nice. Then there were friends who called out to us after school, dropping their bags at home, jumping over the courtyard wall to gather at the house, mother giving all of us hungry kids something to eat. The tailor uncle came home to sew clothes for special occasions for the entire family, his hands measuring our height, the measuring tape wound around his neck, him deep in concentration. Then there was the milkman with his early morning call, the walk to the park in the evenings, weekends catching up on movies, a trip to the zoo or playing with siblings all day long. The excitement, the happiness, the exuberance of friends and family coming together. You knew everyone’s name, everyone was so close to where you lived, it was all a big community of teachers, doctors, dentists where you didn’t have to travel far to meet with each other.

Visiting the Smile Station Dental Experience Center is bound to give you an experience exactly like your childhood.

Surrounding by homes, families, shopping centres and everything you need, the Smile Station Dental Experience Centre is located at the centre of a sprawling close-knit community where you don’t have to travel far to take care of this basic medical need. Situated in North Bangalore, at the heart of Bhartiya City on the Lower Ground Floor of Bhartiya Mall of Bengaluru, our dental center is warm and inviting, offering services like Invisalign and dental checkups, unique in design and with a relaxed atmosphere. With a beach-themed decor across the entire floor, this first-of-its-kind dental clinic is very different from other existing ones across Bangalore & indeed the country for the following reasons.

1. Smile Station has the unique distinction of being a SADE space – Sensory Adaptive Dental Experience Centre – for adults. One of the first of its kind in the country, the clinic is designed and built in such a way so as to provide a comfortable, relaxed environment to undergo procedures that can be very anxiety-inducing and stressful. A center that provides a wide range of dental services for teens and adults, the dental office has been modified for those with sensory and neurological difficulties, adults with ADHD, autism and neuro-diverse individuals.

At Smile Station,

  • The ambience reduces the stress and physiological discomfort during routine checkups

  • It is sensorially comfortable, texturally rich, with soft lighting to bring down the sensory overload

  • The clinic is wheelchair accessible, has calming zones for break during procedures

2. Proximity to all kinds of places – Remember how close everything was during our childhood where we lived? Experience the same kind of proximity when you visit the dental experience center. While the clinic is on the Lower Ground floor of the mall, you can visit the shopping centers in and around. There are large spaces where you can relax, grab a quick bite and play with your kids. In the vicinity of the clinic is the Leela Palace, Bengaluru’s most sought after place to stay and entertain for which you don’t have to travel very far. Within Bhartiya city are food bistros, restaurants, pharmacies and all the conveniences of a community minus the long travel times but with a family dentist you can reach out to anytime, even in an emergency.

3. Close to the airport – We’ve always bemoaned the traffic of Bengaluru and the large travel times to and from the city. With the dental center so close to the airport, you can now fly into the city for a quick work on your teeth, some dental cleanup, smile design procedures or a regular checkup. There’s no chaos to navigate and no hard work to be done to access critical dental services.

4. Tailored & tech-enabled dental services – With a significant emphasis on presentation in a corporate city like Bengaluru, and the need for quick and efficient services that are not time intensive, Smile Station offers services as diverse as Digital Smile Design for designing a personalized, confident smile based on your facial analysis and personality evaluation using digital technology; to Invisalign or Invisible Dental Braces intervention; Laser Gum Care to Dental Implantation and Root Canal Treatment. Each of these services are tailored to your needs, time and requirements.

Nostalgia is a feeling that can hit us at any time; drinking a familiar soda, or looking out for the familiar face of the family dentist who knows exactly what has to be done. While the former may be hard to get, we promise you will find the latter in our dental experience center at Bhartiya City.

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