Teeth – Their Simple Power to Influence Milestones

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Appendages (Noun: a usually projecting part of an animal or plant body that is typically smaller and of less functional importance than the main part to which it is attached.)

For a better part of our lives, teeth are considered appendages. A convenient yet neglected part of our body, located in the jaw area which helps in biting and masticating as we grow and eat complex foods.

The better part of our lives is spent in taking care of teeth and their upkeep – brushing, gargling and cleaning by water, flossing sometimes.  The foods we eat or expose our teeth to is never given importance considering their impact on the oral cavity, We consume the hardest to the harshest of foods, indulge in habits such as smoking and chewing paan that stain and destroy teeth, open bottles and tin cans with our teeth, putting them through unprecedented strain when young. All other parts of the body don’t get this neglect given we spend effort on building muscle and strength training of the body for the looks. The teeth alas, are neglected, appendages that don’t serve beyond a specific purpose.

Yet considering teeth as just masticators for food consumption is very limiting. They influence experiences throughout our lives. Let us see how that happens.

Your First Smile – It doesn’t require teeth to smile, because we start doing it the minute we are out of our mother’s womb. Yet toothless grins and gurgling cries are beloved to all parents and families whether teeth are present or not. However, once we step out into the world is when teeth lend value to a smile and the face. Every time there is loss of milk teeth and emerging of permanent teeth, the jaw and facial structure constantly change. This can have profound impact on the development of the face during the growing up years.

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Your First Bite – We don’t often realize how profound is the simple act of biting to survive. To fuel energy during children’s growing up years, to fuel growth spurts during the teenage ones, to have the energy to work and travel during adulthood requires a proper consumption of food which begins with the process of mastication or biting. Good teeth help us bite well, and fuel all our other pursuits in life.

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Your First Taste – The act of tasting food, as a quote goes is one of the most profound miracles of life. Imagine a few taste buds on the tongue opening up our world to myriad of enchanting and captivating experiences! Teeth play a very important role in ensuring food movement in the mouth and thus their exposure to taste buds is regulated which makes eating an enjoyable experience.

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Your First Job – Teeth and a shining set make a lasting impression during your interaction with professionals in the work space. While a great business outfit, nice shoes and a confident demeanor always come first and are given more importance, it is the intangibles that impact your opportunities in the first job. Your body language, how you speak, the way you sit and basic hygiene like having clean teeth can make a lasting impact.

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Your First Relationship– The most crucial area in which teeth play an important role is in relationships. Whet

her it was your first date or a connection that lasted a lifetime, whether it was a friend connect or relationships you forge during the course of your work, the face, the mouth and those shining, white and healthy teeth make a large impact on how you are perceived in taking care of your health.

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Teeth are the last of the body’s appendages we worry about, and people tend to live with the damage that accumulates – mainly staining, caries, chipped and broken teeth, gingivitis and tartar for years. Yet imperceptibly, they may be negatively impacting all your relationships and experiences.  Just getting teeth regularly cleaned at the dentist can stop and prevent decades of teeth loss, which can last you better as you age. Book an appointment with you friendly neighborhood dentist at Smile Station today to get you sorted.

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