Effectiveness of Sensory Adaptive Dental Experience (SADE) Centers for Adults

Effectiveness of Sensory Adaptive Dental Experience (SADE) Centers for Adults

A visit to the doctor in the times of old was always fraught with stress and anxiety. If you recall your childhood memories, medical visits then and even today may have your heart beating wildly and uncontrollably, thinking of what’s in store at the clinic.

Fear, anxiety and claustrophobia in visiting a clinic is real and more so with a visit to the dentist; a medical person often associated with drills, machines and your mouth being poked and prodded as a child. This phobia can often carry into adulthood, and as our 15 years of experience and research shows, is one reason many adults today hesitate to approach a dentist.

Effectiveness of Sensory Adaptive Dental Experience (SADE) Centers for Adults - smile station


As we age, the wear and tear of teeth with chewing and eating, the receding of gums, and several other issues only tend to exaggerate. Delays of any kind only serve to make biting and mastication difficult, leading to a vicious cycle where delay in treatment leads to further tooth damage, which in turn leads to pain, uneasiness and a further delay in treatment. This eventually leads to teeth deterioration and loss with age.

Acclimatizing to a dentist and preparing for a dental visit in adulthood is very different from that of a child. Here are a few things to keep in mind for adults who have phobias, are sensitive to medical environments or just overcoming traumas of childhood preventing them from visiting a dentist.

  1. Explore and look at the past – Anxiety can be very paralyzing, and for one to overcome it means confronting the emotions. It may therefore not be easy but is important to look back at what could have started the stress attached to a dental visit. Was it a dental mishap that caused excruciating pain, parents who didn’t realize the stress you were going through when little and demanded you quieten down? Or was it just the drilling machines with their sounds that scared you? Understanding where the fear stemmed from can help acknowledge what you feel and address it appropriately.
  2. Acknowledge your sensitivities and phobias – Research suggests that 1 in 4 people deal with phobias or unnatural fears, from that of enclosed spaces to loud sounds, too many stimuli to an aversion to interaction. So many of our phobias go unacknowledged and unspoken, which we carry from childhood into adulthood as we age. Acknowledging them also means finding spaces that can be tailored to our individual sensitivities while also finding ways and means to manage ourselves in them.
  3. Learn to let go – Spaces that allow us to be ourselves are also those that we feel comfortable in. It is important to prepare oneself before a visit to the dentist, to consciously let go of the fear and anxiety and allow ourselves to live a new experience. Mentally scan your body for tension or stress, a process called ‘percolation’.  Observe any physical response you experience because of a thought- tingling, tightness, increased heartbeat, etc. Explore these sensations and make a note of them. Tell yourself that they belonged to the past and that this is a new day.
  4. Seek spaces that accomodate your true self – Clinics aren’t just 4 walls in a hospital, but spaces that nurture you, treat you and give you comfort. They don’t have to be oppressive or foreboding. Clinics today are no more the white, sterilized spaces of old. They are vibrant, colorful, sensorially defined and allow you to be yourself. This is what will help you receive the treatment you seek without resistance and inducing anxiety.


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It took us 15 years of study and research to grow and build Smile Station at Indiranagar and Bhartiya Mall of Bengaluru into the dental experience center we see today. Our clinics are one of India’s first ‘Sensory Adaptive Dental Experience’ or SADE Centers for teenagers and adults, where every interior element and the decor has been adapted to accommodate different sensitivities; from textured floors to the graded lighting, beach-themed interiors to multimedia that distracts, balancing of noise and comfort lighting that soothes anxiety. Dental work such as Root Canal Treatment, Smile Design, Gum Treatment, Invisalign or Transparent Braces can sometimes be overly sensitive to carry out for patients. Some may find it hard to continue treatment, some others want a quick fix. Whatever the reasons may be, our dentists know how to tailor the best treatments to suit your individual needs and make it a comfortable one for you.

Visit Smile Station, your friendly neighborhood dentist at Bhartiya Mall of Bangalore and Indiranagar to see how we manage dental treatment today!


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