Artificial Intelligence Guided Dentistry

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Guided Dentistry is the Way Ahead

Artificial Intelligence

When we hear the words “Artificial Intelligence,” the first thing that comes to mind is probably the 1991 Action/Sci-fi movie – Terminator 2: Judgment Day, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold then captivated our minds and it seemed like artificial intelligence would probably be a fantasy and would limit itself to Hollywood intrigues and sets.

Evolution of Artificial Intelligence:

While Artificial Intelligence (AI) came into existence in the late 1950s, getting machines to imitate human knowledge and behavior through algorithms’ sequencing held their challenges. They became smarter and found more mainstream usage in the 1980s with “Machine Learning.” Machine learning (ML) is the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed to do so. “Deep learning,” a subset of ML, has now come into existence in 2010, where these algorithms get structured in layers to produce an artificial neural network that can not only learn but also make intelligent decisions on its own.

Today, Machine Learning and Deep Learning are omnipresent in our surroundings. Siri, Google, and Alexa are part of our daily routine and have proven valuable personal assistants. AI generally changes the way we behave today. It improves our online experience based on our internet search, facilitates automated home living, influences our shopping based on our preferences, makes way for smarter health care, boosts sales and marketing for businesses and so on. Today, even “driverless” AI-based cars are on the streets.

Role of AI in Dentistry:

When it comes to health care, there is a vast potential to harness AI to deliver higher quality care with greater efficiency. Although a robotic arm doing dental surgery in the mouth is not a probability, AI is already changing the way dentistry is done today. Some of the most exciting developments are in caries detection from X-rays, detecting fraudulent insurance claims, analyzing dental images to identify problems, planning teeth movement in orthodontics, and designing your smile.

With close to 50% of dental decay between teeth going undetected clinically and 20% still undiagnosed even with good x rays, deep learning helps us close the shortfall. Insurance companies can curtail substantial financial losses by detecting fraudulent claims. Invisalign – the pioneer in teeth alignment using invisible plastic trays with inbuilt orthodontic forces, is more successful and smarter than ever before after finishing close to 9 million cases globally. AI has made us clinicians better smile designers. We not only can design smiles guided by artificial intelligence, taking into account the facial characteristics and personality that best suit the Individual but can transfer the same details into 3D workflows and have quality-control In lab production and clinical execution. Clients can preview their new smiles without engaging in treatment; it opens a whole new perspective and helps us understand clients and relate to their needs better.

Harnessing Artificial Intelligence to our benefit:

Artificial intelligence is improving in several ‘human’ jobs. This raises concerns about the eventual replacement of humans in routine work. While this is already happening, for example, there is still a place for creativity in the automotive, manufacturing, and packaging industries that no machine can master beyond the human brain. Never before have digital tools and people been more interactive. Although AI will radically change the way we work, the benefits of artificial intelligence as a whole will complement and enhance human capabilities rather than replace them.

While Artificial Intelligent has an ever-changing impact on the world, it qualitatively improves our lives.


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