Indian Rules – Season 1 | Episode 2

Indian Rules - Episode 2

A Journey of 9000 (S)Miles - Season 1 | Episode 2

Indian Rules 

9000 miles - San Francisco to Bengaluru

The small parks are a very necessary green oasis in an otherwise dense and sometimes stifling city!


Strangely, they are not only surrounded by a fence, but are also open only at certain times, in the morning and in the late afternoon/evening. And certain parks have strict rules of behavior: no running, walking clockwise only! My daily jogging had to be in compliance with these restrictions! 

Indian rules again seemed very peculiar to me. Everything is fine in traffic: motorcycles with or without a helmet, driving through pedestrian walks, making a U-turn on a whim, driving along the opposite lane against the direction of traffic, running red lights! They have no problem to allow free style traffic, but walking in parks is regulated! Hmm…..


Well, maybe in a way it does make sense! If everyone walks in the same direction, then one can meditate while walking or even better using the mobile without having to worry about bumping into a stranger.


The Dental Appointment:

So far, I knew the rough outlines of the implant procedure, but of course not all the details of the process. It seemed that at one point it was necessary to reach the abutment screw through the impression. It turned out that because of the narrow gap between the teeth, even the shortest key Dr. Gurudev had was too long! So, what did he do?


To Be Continued…

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