The initial spark, how it all began? – S1 | Episode 4

A Journey of 9000 (S)Miles - Season 1 | Episode 4

Flashback – The initial spark, how it all began? 

Sometimes you need to travel long distances to find the perfect stranger to give you the exact information you were looking for! It seems that I would never have met Michael Klein in the same city in Germany where we both lived within blocks of each other. As it turned out afterwards – but I met him at Rio’s carnival in Brazil!
When Michael was raving about this excellent dentist in India showing me his splendid dental work and talking about the very reasonable prices I knew immediately: this is my solution!
The last 6-8 years of my life have been extremely stressful with a lot of changes, emotional turmoil and unsettling movements. They had a stark negative impact on the health of my teeth and gums. However, I had to postpone the problem several times because of time, energy and financial factors. Now, there was this glimmer of hope that in India I might find help that I might also afford. 
I hadn’t been to India before. Michael said, “I can tell you exactly which hotel to book, which bus to take from the airport, how to get to the dental office…! It looked as if the road was already paved for me. “Smile Station”, he said, “it’s the website!” – I searched – “oh no, it’s not – hang on, it’s!”
So, a few months later, after getting in touch with Dr. Gurudev through email and acquiring an Indian Visa, I started my 9,000-mile dental journey from San Francisco to Bangalore!

To Be Continued…

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  1. Venkatesh

    Super story – looking forward to the next episode 😄

  2. Ramya M

    Very interesting and quite gripping. I wonder what happens next! 😃

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    nice feature art image…quit attracting and meaning full

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